The course “ICT4WASH102: ICT for Water Service Providers” runs from November 6 until December 1, 2017. Nicolas Dickinson joins the course as a guest expert and will share the latest sector developments on WASH data collection, management, and sharing.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to build the practical capacity of participants to design and implement appropriate technological solutions for improving the provision of reliable, safe, sustainable, and affordable water and sanitation services.

Senior managers and staff from Water Service Providers (WSPs), humanitarian organizations, non-profits, NGOs, government, and the private sector are invited to collaboratively discuss and learn how new information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be harnessed to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and improve services provision, customer satisfaction, revenue collection, finances, and asset management.


Ranging from the basics of ICT (hardware, software, and networks), to the advanced (Internet of Things (IoT), smart metering, mobile payments, GIS, etc.), participants are exposed to a wide range of technologies already being used in the sector. Case studies examine existing approaches (both which have succeeded and failed so that participants don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’), as well as cutting-edge approaches to:

  • Mobile payments and billing
  • Web-based and mobile fault reporting and data collection
  • Mobile-enabled meter reading
  • Collecting data automatically, through sensors, AMR/AMI, etc.
  • Web-based and mobile mapping of network assets and customers
  • Visualizing information collected from the field on an online “dashboard”
  • Receiving complaints from customers through SMS, or online
  • Sending customers information through SMS or on social media


Course Details

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