The water, sanitation and hygiene organization registry helps to create accessible information about on water, sanitation and hygiene on Wikipedia.
The dataset below has been created as part of the WASH Web.

Water, sanitation and hygiene organizations

This is a small selection of the data set we are working on (updated January 2020).

Data sources and more information

WASHNote is working with existing open data sets and researching the organizations that are involved in the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene activities around the world. This data set is built up from a number of sources and changing over time.

We are still working on hundreds of records and we will continue to add records as the registry matures and we validate the information. For the moment, we’ve used the following sources:

  • Our own research and knowledge of the sector
  • Sector networks such as pS-Eau, RWSN, and Susana
  • Wikidata
  • IATI Registry
  • Other resources found on the web such as a local chamber of commerce

Read our blogs and see our project wiki to get involved:

The data presented here are free to download but may change over time as our research continues.