In 2015 WASHNote initiated a partnership with Wattopia (before: Sustainability Services).  Wattopia aims to effectuate the energy transition in the Dutch built environment by building transition tools. The company works on a sustainable, affordable and attractive living environment and is driven by the challenges formed by the energy transition: moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, aiming to fulfill our commitments to the Paris Agreement.

Wattopia works together with local and regional governments, building companies, housing corporations, knowledge institutes, and suppliers. Wattopia operates at the level of neighborhoods, houses, and components within the houses. Products that were developed by Wattopia recently include the design and development of a quality mark for sustainable housing, an API design for standardization of monitoring energy performance in houses, and an in-depth process design that describes how a district can move away from the use of natural gas.

Since 2015, WASHNote and Wattopia have been innovating research and data infrastructure for market development, research and transition management towards more sustainable futures in WASH and energy. We share staff time, research infrastructure and develop joint concepts around data and sustainable services.

According to Wattopia, transitioning from a linear to a circular economy is closely related to the Paris Agreement. In a way the energy transition is a bit like homework for our society: many people, companies, and governments know how to do it, but it will cost time and effort and the benefits come with a delay. After all, fossil energy sources heat up your house and your shower as good as renewables can do, sometimes even better. Wattopia consists of smarty-pants who know homework pays off in the long term, leading to better results and pride about what you have achieved.

Wattopia is a contraction of “Watt” and “Topos”. Watt originates in James Watt, inventor of the commercial steam turbine that kickstarted the industrial revolution in 1781. A revolution that brought us much welfare, but also a lot of pollution. Watt also relates to the unit for “power” in the SI unit system. Topos is Greek for “place”. Wattopia, therefore, is a place full of energy. 

Learn more about Wattopia (website is in Dutch).